Useful. Great for the beginners. Nice Bus Channel Strips.

How cool is this pack. I'm a Logic user and these kind of Channel Strip settings are extremely useful for us. My favourite bits are the Drum Loop Processing settings. Also Bus Channel Strips are very nice. I'll use them in every single track for sure. This is one of my favourite tools pack.

This is a great tool for your engineering within Logic. Although allot of the channel strip sets on here are already found in allot of the present within Logic, there are some excellent BUS and MASTER OUTPUT groups which really make this set worth getting your hands on.

If you want to get a little more 'punch' out of your Logic studio then I'd recommend giving this a look

Do you want to make you music sound better ? Get these channel strips ! These are amazing, indispensable settings for mixing in Logic. Yes, there are tons of plug-ins that will do the same or very similar but you already own these powerful tools- now learn how to harness the power and put it to work. From simple delays or modulation to spread/stereo imaging- these settings are very helpful.

Really enjoyed this one. Learned a few nice new tricks, plus it's very useful for producers who are often up against it time wise and want to quickly audition a few options.


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