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Genre: Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Downtempo and Hip Hop


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 70 - 114

I was not sure what i was getting into here, I like to write downtempo tracks and enjoyed the demos that where available to check before purchasing this product, but expected to get the parts clean and not so dirty. But overall some real nice grooves and hits i am sure i will find some time to utilise this pack. I have only gone through all the wav packs and not the sampler patch's.

recommended for headz that enjoy well produced dirty grooves. Real hip hop.

I don't think I've every reached for a download button so quickly then the morning I saw this pack go up .. I've used part 1 again and again and unlike most sequels this one adds even more meat to the meal . This is not a bog standard hip hop pack the likes of which are scattered all over the sound-sphere - Every single sound on these construction kits has been lovingly sculptured - you really feel like you've got the Stems to someones album work here - It has not only the required attitude in the bottom end, but the messed-with atmosphere that reminds me of the glory days of Mo wax . There have been huge leaps forward in drum processing last few years and this pack has enough bite in it's beats to make you want to go back to the drawing board with your buss processing

I May make house normally, but a pack like this goes across the board thanks to today's time stretching technologies , and now deep is firmly back I'll no doubt rinse the atmosphere in this pack during 2013

Some really nice and dirty beats here. I like the analog warmth in it. You can get creative and go outside of the box.

Like Vol 1 this is a solid pack containing loads of inspiration. All instrumentals are split into component parts of course an d range from 70-114 bpm. Just wish there was more here! Overall good stuff though

Chemo does it again! Can always rely on this series for some solid sounds & especially drum hits. A wide variety of sounds to play with and again very versatile/useful for layering... Nice!


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