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Genre: Cinematic

Additional Styles: Cinematic

Cinetools delivers an amazing set with a massive amount of FX for any sync/ film trailer you could imagine. The super hi-def, high quality standards bring the set to an almost whopping 7gb, but the quality is also what gives it that super sonic sound. Perfect for any sci-fi/ horror/ suspense/ thriller trailer, film sequence you could think up, these sounds are the gold standard in style. You get a MASSIVE amount of sounds as well. If you're working in film or looking for top notch FX that are the best of the best, this is it.

Another incredible Cinetools collection with emphasis on all things dramatic. Pensive, tense and suspenseful audio cues and layers abound. This is world-class sound design covering everything from Sci-Fi to Horror to Thriller in addition to being secret weapons when used outside of these genres. In both concept and execution the quality is off the charts.


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