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Genre: Jazz

Additional Styles: Breaks, Drums, and Jazz


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 87 - 180

Everyone needs a bit of Jazz in their life! and this pack is the perfect way to Jazz up your productions giving it that really live feel to soften it and move it away from a harsh electronic sound. There's loads of full loops for those feeling a little lazy but also loads of very handy single percussive loops to chose from. Great for House, Deep and Techy and im sure ill be using some of these on my T_Mo chillout / ambient tracks in the future...

A high quality but obviously niche pack, with a good variety of styles, feels and flavours.
Pristine recordings, just check under the headphones for the clear mic placement that gives a real sense of space. I can hear potential in this pack way beyond it's fundamental generic utility. Looking forward to rinsing these loops at contemporary tempos..D&B etc!

This is a seriously good pack, Mark fletcher drums are some of the best. try and catch him live if you can. In this pack you have some excellent tools, hits and ave loops broken down into various bpms. I just love this vibe. get it.


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