One of the few instruments you just can't replicate well synthetically, so brass packs are always essential. This is jam packed with pad and riff sections and splits of each which are well recorded.
I'm especially digging the pads - thanks!

nice pack, really well put together.
everything's split as you would hope with individual stems of each instrument and a mixed stem of each phrase and its all nice and dry so you can add your own sound.
Theres lots of simple but effective pad phrases that are very useful for building up tracks and with the riffs as well you can get pretty deep into arranging your parts
plus nice to have the score and midi info too

Some ok brass sounds and loops in here. I used these to slice up and make some horn stabs. The recordings don't really jump out at me unfortunately but, maybe thats good, that way they are flexible to work in many style of music.

This pack contains a huge selection of top quality brass loops, with a well recorded authentic feel! This pack was useful to us, to give our more electronic based music some organic live instrumentation. The Large selection of loops can be slightly overwhelming, but we found exactly what we needed amongst the set. It is definitely one of the better packs we've tried for live brass.

A fantastic collection of really well recorded brass riffs and melodies. Comped really nicely to give the overall feel, and then also broken down into the individual parts to allow development of themes and motifs as needed. Also really handy is the MIDI parts, making it easy to fill out the sound with other instruments both organic and synthesised.

Excellent pack, great recording, great writing and arranging. The breakdown of the main recordings into individual voices is the best part of this pack. Very easy to get in there and to get creative with the voicings. This pack will come in handy when your job requires some classic brass hits or hooks. Top stuff.


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