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Genre: EDM

Additional Styles: Drums and EDM

Singomakers gives you a nice set of tuned kicks in a variety of keys. The kicks also vary in style- some are subby, some are more top end. Some are thicker and some have punch. You can find a kick you like and fine tune it to adjust the key even more as well. Out of 100 kicks, I preferred only about 15 to truly be the "tuned" kick that I was looking for. Theres a good variety but many of the kicks sounded more 'thud' like than tuned. All inn all, its a good selection of tuned kicks.

Some brilliant kicks, great sounding for all levels of genres so easily able to cross a lot of styles.

Very full and fat in production, the loops are easily chopable too!

Some great, punchy kicks, suitable for most subgenres within the dance music spectrum. Easily categorized by key, making it easier than ever to interact with your bass sounds. Another great package by Singomakers!

cool stuff, useful collection of kicks! could even be more of them to have more options to choose from. good sample quality!


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