Atmospheric Pianos by Loopmasters brings you the soul melodic force. If you're producing house music anthems, this sound pack was built for you. It has chords and keys to bring the club to the center of the dance floor.



Great pack , really useful to have the midi parts also so you can use it to help shape your ideas but not be set to having to pitch shift or timestretch if you want to flip tempos / keys etc.
awesome set of riffs and clean sounding giving you loadsa room to mess with stuff.

Have yet to find a track that this is useful for but I know when I do, I'll probably rinse it like crazy! Riffs and chords with a mainly classical feel (if I were being fussy, a few more with a 'funky' or 'jazzy' feel would have been nice) are the mainstay here and there's loads of them. Great ti get the midi files too - nice addition.

This pack is great, the piano options inside are really versatile. Meaning there's a piano loop for everyone. The loops are across the board, different types of pianos have been clearly used instead of one monotonous sounding flat piano that has been in the corner of a room for 50years. Each loop has created its own atmosphere, with long winded tails and short stabby bursts, the velocity and sustain of envelopes has been carefully approached and thought out. There's some great synthetic loops ready to play with also, not just those whispy organic pianos you immediately think of when you see a piano sample pack. This pack really caters for everyone and is well worth a peek.


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