Electronic music strive off fills and drops. This pack completes your catalog with effects, melodies and killer fixes to make good songs into epic songs. This pack is a must have for all dj/producers. Get your game up and download Freaky Loops Ultimate Fills & Drop 3. You won't be sorry...



Freaky Loops definitely outdid themselves this time. If you want killer fills and drops youve come to the right place. This is the mack daddy of sets on this. You get a huge variety- everything you could look for: uplifters, vocal fills, snare fills, reverses, perc fills, melody fills, kick fils, clap fills, fx fills, kick and snare fills...Nothing is simple- everything was done with a lot of thought and work to make each sound complex. Amazing release !

string sounds, energetic build ups and absolutely useful for any kind of beefing up buildups, drops or breakdowns. i used it instantly, the sounds have great quality and there is plenty to choose from. no brainer!

Really useful collection of sounds. Really excellent variety of ideas in here. Does excellently what it says on the tin and more!

Awesome pack with ton's of fills to choose from - a no brainer! It is very easy to give your buildup's that extra spark without much extra processing needed. What's also important to stretch is that there are so many different styles represented, and despite the huge amount of fills, you can hear that there's put a lot of attention into each one of them.

I love packs like this! If you want some breakdown FX this is what you need. It contains everything from risers and FX hits to snare and clap rolls and even synth lead builds. Heck, there's even full breakdowns, pre-made ready to shoe horn into your track. Ultimate Fills & Drops 3 is clearly aimed at the harder edged Future House & EDM producers but it definitely has something for everyone and even tech house producers would find lots of usable samples in here. Now I need to check out number 1 & 2!!! :-)


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