definate;y worth a look if this genre is your bag. also useful for many other styles i would say.

A versatile pack with a great selection of acoustic and electric bass loops, horns, piano, rhodes drum loops and everything else you need to get you hitting the blue notes. Great for dnb, use your imagination and this pack can take you places.

This is one of the Best Sample Pack of the Year for me... Recording quality is amazing

All the loops sound ready to use, with professional balance and powerful dynamics. Piano, Sax, Trumpet and Rhodes sounds are absolutely amazing. If you like the sound of real played instruments this pack is a must have for you. You also get 3 different Bass folders, acoustic, synth and electric. They all sound very good.

You really can’t go wrong with this pack and would easily make a great addition to any producers library regardless of style or genre.

One of the best sample packs on here if you want to give your tracks that real live organic sound. This pack provides plenty of perfectly recorded Deep Jazzy House sounds, from real live acoustic double bass loops to Horns, Sax and Piano samples. The percussion comes in the form of construction kits so you can just grab some jazzy hats, snares and even live kicks to give your track that organic live sounding edge to it.. Jazzz hmmmm nice!

Loads of material to play with here and all broken down into component parts of course. Really wide selection of instruments and riffs and a great set of drum loops too. A lot of thought has obviously gone into this pack

What an amazing pack... I was on the hunt for some warm organic sounds and this couldn't of been more on point. This pack is key matched so everything you want to use is really helpful as you know what key your working in. Also the sax riffs are really unique to anything iv heard especialy the muted brass instuments, aswell dropping some reverb on the top of those rex files will make any production warm up ! Synths and pads are also a really good find in this pack! 10/10

When Jazz and house collide successfully it's a match made in heaven and thanks to the Brilliant selection of players across this pack it's only a matter of time before someone makes a track to give St Germain a run for his money - lets face it Summer's on it's way and house is back !.. Always great to see Live players available to electronic to producers - Something loopmasters always promotes


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