Great collection of snare sounds. Especially for anyone wanting that heavy, pushed sound, because there are lots and lots of those. I can see myself using these a lot in the future.

I really like these snares. I am going to try and see how these work out in upcoming sessions. I really like the way the snares are layered in this. Great use of the stereo scape. Perfect for new music that needs to be super clear. Great organization and extra bonus to have the key of each snare. Great all around!!!

If your looking for engineered compressed snares then there is a great section with untold selections all with their key matches attached witch is very handy to have rather than doing all the long processes of finding the key. Also there are some norty layered snares with loads of different pitches of claps and various percussional hits.

Disappointing with the lack of perhaps live snares for that organic production but never the less, its still a great production for electronic producers to get their heads into. 8/10

Really great sounds in here. Also usefully broken into layers so you can mangle and add to the samples provided. Really well constructed pack.


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