Eat Static Presents Static Sounds Vol1: Broken Electronica Loops and Pads by
Loopmasters gives you that cutting edge sound from the underground. This sound pack can be used universal. Hip Hop, Drum & Bass or EDM. So Enjoy the STATIC!


Great atmospherics and combined pads all with their own keys attached which is really handy to have, saves precious studio time!! All the pads are very unique in their own selves, most already evolve using filters and textures throughout, and very well engineered at that. It certainly doesn't give the producer to much room for creativity because of all the fx on the sample already but never the less these are without doubt some of the better pads iv come across in any sample pack.


Techno trance electronica guru Eat STatic gives us all a special treat with some sublime broken electronica sounds which trancend genre . This unique producers package is well packed with some sublime loops from bass to synths perfect for you lovers of all things analogue and digital . This package tried and tested will give any serious producer or DJ some fine sounds for their compositions and DJ sets.


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