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Genre: House

Additional Styles: Drums and House

"Ultimate Drum Fills"- is EXACTLY what this is. This is one the best and most up to date 'fills' packs out. Top quality is what you expect from Freaky Loops and you get it with this set. They give you a great variety of fills from organic to processed and everything in between. Everything is at the standard 128 bpm. You cant go wrong with this set if you are looking for great fills.

Great collection. Essential if you want to add something extra to your tracks. Acoustic fills are my favorite here!

You can never get enough fills of any style! This little pack offers some heavy ones from acoustic to electric.. I found it very useful right off the bat! They're very well put together with some being simple, and some being massive with sweeps, filters, and huge snares.. Good stuff!

Really great and useful pack. Very versatile and well varied. Really easy to use to great effect in tracks.

If you're looking for great fills, this package got you covered with many different styles! The loops hardly need any tweaking, and as everything is set to the standard of 128 bpm, it's super easy to make them fit in most modern EDM tracks. Of the various categories my favorite is the acoustic ones.


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