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Genre: EDM

Additional Styles: EDM and Progressive House


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BPM: 128 - 128

Awesome job by Loopmasters on this release. Tons of great material to create loads of tracks. Love the drum loops and how they do NOT have a kick. Love the addition of "swung" drums as well as basses. This set gives you a lot to create a wide variety of sounds. I dont think this should be just limited to 'Swedish EDM' - it should have been called 'Mega EDM'. I ABSOLUTELY love how they included the MIDI as well. Great move ! Ive been telling the labels to include the midi- that way the end user can create more of a unique sound.

Wow! Great sounds, and awesome REX files! Great combination of heavy, and dirty! Their swung folders are really cool for that other option to take your track to the next level! You can become an overnight superstar with this pack!

synths, breakdowns, drops, kicks, driving percussion, this pack is tailor made to produce a big room edm track on the spot, forget your vst packs, you don't need them, everything you require is on point and sounding big.

Solid collection of quick to use sounds for making EDM tracks. Particularly useful for those experimenting with the genre to get a quick idea down. Recommended.


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