I know it might seem like just another "clap/snare" set on the market- but this is actually top notch. If your claps and snare dont seem current enough or punchy enough or have enough effects on them, this might just what you are missing. I happen to have a jillion claps and snares but sometimes you hear just one or two in a set that make it stand out. This set has lots to chose from so I dont think you can go wrong with this -even if its for only a few new sounds.

Crispy, crunchy and super punchy. The kind of snares that sit in a track instantly with little extra processing. A great go-to pack.

dope ! great one to load into your drum machine browser and preview thru this pack , you will deffo find a great set of sounds , i usually end up layering 3 or 4 , but even on there own there big sounds individually !
awesome production

nice collection - eveyrything needed for a full production, not only EDM! there's a nice variety of sounds, all samples sound big and clean. nice follow-up!


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