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Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Techno


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 124 - 130

i have been an avid fan of Techno music for 20 years and in my production opinion it is the hardest to produce a high quality track that will be accepted by the best labels and djs in that genre. this pack is pretty damn good at helping rectify that situation as the sound quality on the audio samples is superb and will 100% improve your overall sound.there is over 1 gig of samples from basslines to perc to kick start your next proper underground track with a distinct techno feel.

As I am always in the lookout for new and fresh sounds, this sample library, Elemental Techno, by Neurodriver came in as a very welcome addition!
It is a definite "thumbs up" for the good-sized compilation of Techno bass riffs and robotic blips: the latter are very well worth trying out to give this little bit of edge.
Much liked the drum loops and multi sampled synths, as well as the effects!

There are some genuinely amazing loops in this pack! Excellently produced, and a wide variety of styles across the Techno spectrum. If you're looking for some inspirational sounds to get working on a Techno track, then this pack is for you.

A great pack with loads of elements to it. Very current and cutting edge with samples that are totally on point for todays market. An excellent addition to any working sample library


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