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Genre: Drums

Additional Styles: Drums

Excellent drums! Those grooves are absolutely tight and well recorded.
Having access to all the different drum tracks, kick, snare, overheads, etc, is a brillant feature. Being able to mix the drum tracks yourself is essential when you need to make them seat properly into a mix, these come very handy if you're working on a project and need that live sound, but don't have access to a drummer or proper recording room.
I also found them excellent to build all sorts of programmed drum kits, just grab any of the parts you need, ride cymbals, hi hats, kicks or snares, and chop them up the way you like and get creative, as all the parts are individually accessible.

A great resource for composers, beat makers and anyone interested in multi tracking drums, the drumming is flawless, useable in a lot of different situations.

You can't go wrong with the DrumDrops series. This one will satisfy the funk/downtempo heads as well as the Disco fans. Highly recommended!

I really love this sample pack I like to use a lot of live drum elements in my tracks and Goody Goody Drum Drops has all the elements you will need to tighten up your drum tracks whether it be live sounding, Deep House, Disco and Techno theres something here for everyone.

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