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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: Sound Archives and EDM

Wow - This is super fresh inspiration for sounding big big and even bigger.
The bass drums have that perfect sub with it but already side chained to get the lower end sounding massive. Also allot of the kckdrums are tuned to E which seems to be a good range for it and the rest of the EDM dance tracks.
Thankyou very much

As usual, Singomakers brings the heat. This set has everything you need to craft top notch festival & club EDM. One of the best parts of this set is having the midi on the leads & melody loops as well as the audio. Nothing worse than hearing the same thing in many peoples tracks. This way you can create your own sound. You get bass loops, drop leads, drum loops, melody loops, fx and single drum hits. All with great sound quality.

good package with everything you need to start a track with! sound quality is great, all usable sample and i like the variety a lot!. not all super new but this is comprehensive pack.

Singomakers have become one of my favourite sample brands in only a few releases due to several factors; the quality of their content, the amount of bang you get for your buck and the diversity of sounds and styles. Folders within folders of content, from bassline loops to full riff ideas and one shots or VST sound banks, everything you need is here to make a new banger!


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