Great job by PBB on this set. Theres a lot of material in this set from drum loops, fx, melodies, basses, guitars and more. All of these sounds are backing for the main vibe of the set which are the horn riffs. Excellent job in crafting interesting and useful horn loops. Other sets Ive come across dont have very useful horn riffs- but this one has lots of great sounds ! If your looking for this vibe- you hit the jackpot.

A strong collection, packing a multitude of very well recorded horn phrases and hits, plus a surprising amount of extra loops. Good fun to work with. The horn loops are just right for that commercial RnB and Rap sound of right now but as always, they can be easily edited and played with to fit most genres. The main horn loops have been left dry and are only played on sax but for most that's a great starting point.

These are great, some of the melodies are very inspiring. Even when time stretched these sound good!

Perfect for use in modern R&B/Hip Hop/pop production. Sax driven. Well played throughout. Good audio quality. Easy to chop up or loop. Samples not heavily processed so need a little love and attention to get them to sit nicely in the mix. Good to base tracks around. Catchy melodic phrases. Would have liked some Trumpet/Trumbone in there too for variation. Good stuff! Thanks


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