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Genre: Electro

Additional Styles: Electro

Not only is this an innovative set- the production quality is excellent. This is one of those sets that stands apart from others because it is difficult to produce correctly and PBB nailed it. They did it so creatively as well giving you plenty to chose from. There are different styles of drums loops as well as instrumental loops which they call "main instrumentals". You also get "outro" / endings for sax and guitar so you can end the riffs nicely. There are also 2 folders om "mashed and mutated" loops which they call "Nu Swing" and "Mashed Loops"- these are great and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Theres also a folder of public domain loops which are your full band sound. There are also a ton of single hits and fx. Great job by PBB !!

Total Electro Swing by Push Button Bang takes you back to the pure dance days. Where everyone was dapper and dress to the 9's. Well here's that sound to compliment the moment in time. Every producer should experiment with this sound pack. You want guitar groove, swing horns and drums? Electro Swing is where it's at. Enjoy!

If it aint got that swing it don't mean a thing.. and this pack really has that swing!! Loads of great live sounding swing drum loops here from trad jazz to military style. Some great guitar and sax loops in that old swing band style as well as some nu swing loops which have been mashed up to give it that modern Electro edge. Plus there's some royalty free public domain samples from old Big Band, Rag Time and Jazz Bands from the 'olden days' to give your track some authenticity!


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