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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 170 - 176

I'm a huge fan of DLR . He is one of our current audio scientists.This pack is filled with ready-to-use beats,bass and music . As expected the twisted bass loops stand out and are excellent .They'll be a welcome addition to any genre of music that needs that little undefinable magic sprinkle . The challenge here is to make the sounds your own as they are so good to start with . An essential buy from a genius producer

lab samples is the best you can get with sample packs, and when Dlr drops a pack you know that its gonna be rinsed by the man dem. These are some of the beast royalty free drum breaks you can get your hands on plus a cross section of amazing drum fx , perc and bass loops. Also there are folders of drum hits and fx and atmos. Everything here is eqed to perfection. Dlr does not mess about you can pretty much use all of these samples dry ,as they are that good. Keep them coming, I'm looking out for part 3.

Love DLR, always good to see the deeper techy sound being represented on a bigger platform.
It's hard making a dnb sample pack that isn't cheesy, but still usable in many different ways, DLR managed to do just that! Well done :)

Great sample pack for DNB. The drum breaks in particular are exquisite.

DLR never disappoints and Loopmasters knows that! Another good quality sample pack from one of the big names in Drum and bass. There is a lot of good stuff in this pack. Starting with the Drum Hits folder, where you can find everything you'll need in One Shot, perfectly cut and edited, then continuing with the FX & Atmos folder where you will find a lot of good quality sounds that can easily will find their place in your productions. Going further we'll get to the "Gold" folder, the WAV LOOPS folder. You'll find here a variated collection of bass loops, very good ones, all of them in key, a bunch of DRUM FX, that you can easily use in the "breaks" of your own tunes or not only, 76 drum loops in the DRUM LOOPS folder, super excited about the quality of this one, btw, Music & Atmos Loops, where you can find you inspiration super easy and fast, everything is in key as well here, and the last folder, PERC LOOPS, where you can find plenty of percussions ideas that can help you out with finding the perfect groove for your productions. This is a very cool sample pack that has everything you need to make a solid and quality drum and bass track. I highly recommend it!


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