Having always been a huge fan of John and Digital Blonde I felt this was a pack I really needed to check out

The strength in this pack are the loops - especially some of the musical ones. Each sound used in the loops is available as a sample patch though some are fairly limited but it's great to have those big analogue sounds at your fingertips - with a little messing you'll get them working as you want them

An essential pack for any forward thinking producer who's developing a tuffer trance sound for the summer..... highly recommended 10/10

Though this is not my style of music I still found this to be a very useful pack. Obviously the production is fantastic with lots of of great strings and textures that can be utilised in any genre. The loops and sounds are also not over developed so you can easily manipulate them in a way that makes them your own. Great package !!

Really great elements here and if you're producing this genre or sub genres of trance it is essential as everything is so evenly produced. For me it's really all about being able to grab a stylistic bass sound or a produced conga loop or EQ's pad loop. Fits so many genres and uber pro sounding.


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