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Genre: Jungle

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass and Jungle


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 174 - 178

Its always good to stock up on breaks and bass sounds to layer into your arrangements and this pack is perfect for that. Sappo knows his breaks and everything hear is nice and dirty and sounds full and well programmed. I would recommend this pack for the bass sounds alone.

Sappo has put together one of the warmest, smartest, least contrived sample collections I've heard: It's not flashy, it's not forced - just drenched in specific knowledge resulting in a truly gourmet audio toolset. The loops and hits are stellar both in variety of flavor and consistency of quality: punchy, always warm and never harsh. The Tape Sheens & Shuffles are a highlight and like the whole package incorporate amazingly well into productions. If you're looking for a dialed in palette which is cohesive, deeply funky, and immediately useful this one's definitive.

Lots of variation in here, so great if you like mixing style or are still figuring out what your sound is. I really like the bass sounds especially, as well as some of the fx and percussion. Sappo has a rich history in the jungle and Drum & Bass scenes and that knowledge of drum breaks, bass & synth sounds really shows. It's simplicity & rawness are key here, and in the right hands will be a highly effective and regular tool!


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