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Genre: Africa

Additional Styles: Instruments and Africa

Basement Ensemble by Earth Moments gives you the percussion sounds of the future. Complete with high quality samples, recorded at 96kHz using Class A preamps and Tube microphones at the EarthMoments studios, while others have been recorded in vast open spaces and concert halls around the world to capture the resonance and unique timbre of each individual instrument. Are you ready to take your creativity to the next level? If so, Earth Moments will help you! Get on it!



Such a innovative pack full of various acoustic atmospheric instruments something you can never be short of. I love call and response drum sounds and percussion i.e. bow bells, gongs, octave tubes and golden plates and this pack fits perfectly with my sound. I am always looking for new and inspiring drums to layer into my tracks and this is brilliant.

A solid collection of samples and loops. They feel raw and fresh and provide a lot of inspiration. Well recorded and processed and generally a big thumbs up.

Pristine recordings of genuinely beautiful melodic percussive tones. There's an extremely useful range from soft and soothing to bright and spirited in both character and phrasing. These are excellent sounds for layering which can transform any type of percussion into an expanded melodic affair either hinted or at the forefront. Organic, alive and wonderfully put together.


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