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Genre: Africa

Additional Styles: Vocals, World, and Africa

I genuinely love this pack. I could just put this on repeat and happily listen to it all day. The voices are so authentic and have that texture that brings life to anything you use them on. And they are so well recorded and organised too.

Another inspiring pack from EarthMoments. This pack does exactly what it says on the tin, it's full to the brim with awesome tribal vocals. The pack is split into descriptive subfolders of"female vocals" "spiritual choir" etc making it fun and easy to navigate through. The performances are authentic and the recordings are detailed. Great pack!

Great pack, there's a lot to listen through and pick bits from, lots of potential to create one shots and rhythmic beds, or simply grab some of that impossible to emulate atmosphere. These field recordings are the most valuable as they will get you sorted when a brief comes in requiring such specific and impossible-to-fake sounds. Must have.


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