Great assortment of loops! Was really impressed with the quality of recordings and how usable all the loops were!

Found them really useful for building up rhythms and energy in tunes, either subtly in the mix or for providing the main groove.

Essential collection for people looking for authentic African drums in their tunes.

Quality pack of useful percussion loops using traditional West African instruments. There some great shaker loops along with loops from the Sabar drum for adding to or creating an authentic groove. The fills and drum ensembles are also equally of high quality. Definitely a welcome addition to your collection if you need some African drums in your productions.

A great collection of African hits, loops and samples. These will definitely be making their way into our tunes. All the sounds are well recorded and put together.

Awesome pack abundant with the natural groove, feel and vibe that comes with live percussion playing. This is focused on the sound of Senegal so the instruments are authentic to this region. You'll get plenty of mileage out of this in multiple genres.


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