One can never have too many fx to call on and wave alchemy have constructed a pretty full pack of weirdness here. Move along if you’re looking of subtlety because these sounds are all fairly full on and in your face. All good though.

Always a fan of Wave Alchemy packs. The perfect finishing kit for productions. If you need to transition from one section to another all the tools you could need are here. A ramp is not just a ramp : a whoosh is not just a whoosh.

Can't fault these guys for FX. Our go to packs for all our FX. Great variety for all your breakdown needs and quirky little space fillers to keep your tracks interesting. If you've got this then you pretty much don't need anything else.

Just what I've been looking for, a solid FX library! You pretty much cannot go wrong with this, regardless of mood or genre, there's something to fit all types of modern music. The files are sorted into useful folders and labeled with the key & when needed, which saves a lot of time when doing the fine details of a track. Very impressed with this collection and can imagine the previous two volumes are equally as favourable

The third installment in this series is just as essential as the first two.  This pack is folder after folder of production pixie dust and center-stage events and everything in-between relating to track-glue + x-factor audio. All of it is inspiring: even the simply titled 'noise..' files are brimming with flavor somehow and I love the 'percussive fx' collection.  Thinking of these as purely effects is slightly misleading: there's so much character within that I'd consider it as much a track-starter collection of stellar one-shots rather than typical pre-fabricated stems resulting in far more outside the box results. The mileage I'll (and you'll) get from this pack is off the charts. 


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