You can't go wrong with this bundle! These are the perfect things for vibe and texture.. And if you're a turntabelist, then it's a must have! I'll be using these quite a bit for my downtempo releases on my new label Downshift ;)

This pack is what it says on the tin! An awesome array of vintage movie vocals. It's really extensive and especially good when you put a few samples together to create an orginal phrase or scene. These samples sound really authentic and they're perfect for placing ahead of a drop! Love it! Expect to use these a lot in future tunes!

This pack does exactly what it says on the tin. Vintage sounding movie vocals easily used in all genres. Perfect for setting the tone in the intro of a track with many of the samples being just what you would need to that suspenseful gap before a big drop. I would 100% recommend this be added to your sample collection


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