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Genre: Sound Archives

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BPM: 125

Welcome to the Brave New World of SynthWave :D This is one fine crafted Synthwave package ideal for you Analogue retro 80s synth junkies!

If like us you've been inspired by all the amazing 80s soundtracks of late, then this is the sample pack for you. Nostalgia is rife in this pack with the lush noire sounds of the 80s perfectly recreated for your composing pleasure. Can't wait to start using this in our own tunes.

I've always been fascinated by synth music since the 80's, this is what got me into electronic music all those years ago. I still take a lot of influence from those days in my modern productions, it can often be very time-consuming spending time programming synths, I was sceptical when I got this pack thinking they can't replicate such great classics sounds. I was completely wrong, this pack is really well thought out with some really inspirational drum loops and synth lines that I've manipulated. This gave me huge ideas and speed up my production process.

I'm incredibly excited about the synth wave scene that has emerged in the last couple of years (thank you Stranger Things?), which also works wonders in melodic progressive! The Synth Wave pack from Industrial Strength sounds great, and the included Massive patches makes it incredibly easy to customize the sounds to your needs! If you want a bit of awesome eighties in your productions, look no further!


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