Well organised varied pack of sound effects for the space age era. Particularly like the granular sounds allowing endless further manipulation. Also love the atmospheres to immediately transport you to another place in space.

Buzzes Ticks Tones and Drones: This is your Portable Planetarium Of Sound. Pixar-like robotics and feature film level sub-shaking purrs and whirs. Both futuristic and retro in that there's doses of stuff touching on oldskool Jungle timestretch flavors ('Stutters', 'Granular FX' etc folders) in addition to hard impacts and delicate organics. The selections aren't sprawling which is a good thing: this feels like a concisely chosen collection of top-tier audio and one I'll be using a lot.

Freaky Loops comes again with another epic Cinematic synth journey! Perfect eclectic sounds ideal for you lovers of the Synthwave movement!

Great atmospherics on this pack! Perfect to add subtle textures to your track, or for more unusual fx. I like packs like this that don't try to do everything, but do what they do really well.

Love this pack, some utterly surreal and alien, Sci-Fi sound design elements to boost your collection of SFX tools. I've been digging a while now in this niche area and this pack is definitely ticking boxes for me. Not so much too choose from, but this is about quality over quantity.


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