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Genre: Breaks

Additional Styles: Breaks and EDM



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 128 - 128

Quality is intact throughout crisp drums, bright synths and goldmine bass. The drum loops are pitched-up goodness and presented as full beats with their corresponding percussion as well as top layers in subsequent folders making for a creative-sparking mini-stems package. The bass loops and hits are second to none in their genre. If you like the taster samples you'll love this pack.

AXEL BOY! Dam this is a hot package! High octane and twisted to the max! the breaks & bass are sick and full of synth delights :D ideal package for you futurist breakz lovers.

A heavy hitting collection of Breaks and House primed and ready with loads of royalty free samples to choose from. In a day where Breaks is house and house is breaks this is on the money :) Everything has been key and tempo labelled clearly and the producer has a solid skill set. It contains a nice blend of styles mixed with plenty of bass


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