Some nice stuff here, plenty to keep you busy and it's upfront and on point for the genre. As with the first volume a lot of the lyrical content is similar across the samples, which is actually is a good thing since it increases your chances of finding exactly the right tone and delivery that you're after.

Pretty cool set from Monster Sounds of rap vocals. Some of the stuff sounds has a Jay-Z impersonator Cool loops in 122 bpm and 128 bpm with a folder of a ton of "hype shots" as well as a folder of "chopped loops". Not a lot to find out there in quality rap vocals- so if that's what you want- you came to the right place.

Monster Sounds continue to deliver the goods on the vocal front. There are a lot of acapella pacs out there these days that either aren't well recorded enough or just didn't get good performances out of their artists - not the case with Monster Sounds. All the vocals are excellently engineered and delivered to the utmost quality, well written and ready to drop straight into a track. Yet another Monster Sounds pack that I've absolutely rinsed.


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