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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House and Vocals


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 97 - 125

I really like Kate's voice and was completely drawn in once hearing her. You get 6 sets really broken down...so you can change or edit whatever you like. These sets are like little "hook sections"- should work well if you also edit them up for B-section hooks. You also get a folder of additional quick vocal shots / ad libs. With the current trend of future house or tropical house - you can create a whole song from these starter kits. Very nice job from Loopmasters & great vocals from Kate!

This is a great pack full of really catchy/hooky vocals. Kate's vocal is soulful yet powerful and the large range of ad libs and extras really make this pack stand out. The recording quality of the vocals is great and completely dry, which leaves you with plenty of room to do your own thing with.

Really well recorded. A lot of vocal packs are horribly tuned or badly recorded but this stuff is all pretty solid. Quite likely to use bits to be honest!

Really really impressed with selection of vocals on offer here. There's pretty much something for everyone in this pack and several great hooks that can be utilised across all genres. I've no doubt this is a voice that we'll be hearing for many years to come!

Another highly useful pack from loopmasters here. The hooks are all very authentic and fit across a good variety of club genres. As ever the vocals are recorded, labelled and processed really nicely which means they slot very easily into a track in the initial phases when you are starting to get ideas together. Thoroughly recommend for building a track or even a finished song! Packs like this make putting together new tracks so much quicker and easier as opposed to trawling through samples for hours to find appropriate stylistic vocals.


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