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Genre: Cinematic

Additional Styles: Cinematic, Drums, Percussion, and World


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 72 - 180

A peach of a find for anyone who loves their music with a touch of the Zimmer on the down beat. Beautifully put together drum loops that either give you a one stop shop for cinematic rhythm sections, or act as a great jumping off point for creating unique sounding drums for any genre. Worth mentioning that there is great range of tempos also.

Love this. I've been using it along with another pack I got on here for tribal type tunes. The sounds are huge and have tons of character.
The patterns are more modern and contemporary than other packs like this so they work well for dance music.
it would also be a great pack to have if you were doing music for film.

Pow! It's like listening to every epic battle scene ever filmed or even yet to be filmed. It's exactly what you need for excitement, drama and tension. Huge pack loaded with all the elements and components you need for trailers, cues, games and soundtracks. And inspiration to use with imagination in many other contexts.


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