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Genre: World

Additional Styles: FX and World

Love this huge pack of world sounds! Great well organised collection of sounds from across the globe covering both percussion and harmonic/melodic elements. Will definitely find a use for these with some simple manipulation. Recommend!

Another great pack from push button bang! The usual high quality I've come to expect from this company, Lots of variation within, and loads of exotic instruments to chose from. Flicking through this pack is really inspiring, you find yourself abandoning the idea you had started and go down a totally different musical tangent. Fantastically inspiring pack of samples from round the world!

A good collection of many kinds of traditional percussion and instrument sounds from all over the world. The resonating bell sounds are especially interesting to me and there are a lot of them. There are a lot of one shot percussion sounds which are great for layering with snares. All in all a very solid pack!

Rare Tones is a pack of one shot samples from a wide selection of world instruments and drums. There are also a selection of percussion loops using drums like the Udo, Pandeiro, shakers and tambourines. Along with performance and instrument loops using the Kalimba, Steel Drum, Santoor etc. The main part of this pack is the one-shots - these are an extensive collection of quality samples and a worthy addition to your world music collection. My only fault in this pack was the omission of any Kontakt or EXS24 sampler patches.


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