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Genre: Cinematic

Additional Styles: Cinematic



One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 80 - 124

A cohesive collection of sounds, able to transport you to a darker sound world. Particularly like the bass hits which can be easily transferred to a range of genres. Also the granular processed percussion is a standout. Would recommend.

A bit if a cuckooland in disguise. Some nice elements here particularly the FX which are quite cool and useable for sound design as well as music production. There's some really nice moody guitars and some cool percussion. If you're looking for some mood and weirdness this pack is nice.

Great variety of coloured and flavoured loops and sounds. Reminiscent of Cliff Martinez's Drive soundtrack in places.
It's all about the saturation/overdrive/ring mod/granular treatments that impart real character.
Impressive and extensive selection of guitar loops ready to tweak the pitch, for those interested! Recommended.

Opening credits, atmosphere and the drums roll in. Another seamless excursion in sound from Loopmasters. Synths, drums bass, guitars and percussion all at various tempos and some seriously great hits of all the above. It's worth purchasing this for the synth multi packs, really thorough.


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