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Genre: Future Bass

Additional Styles: Future Bass

Very intricate and very well put together set from Freaky Loops. This is really the current sound of now. You get 7 amazing sets as well as loops and one shots. The loops are great as well. A lot of editing and tweaking went into creating these sounds and you can hear it on everything. Its really all about the synths and editing rather than the bass, so the title is a bit deceiving but this is the sh*& !!!!

For me this pack is all about the lovely production of the chords. They really are outstanding. Some of the other elements are good too but the chords tho instant inspiration and if you are looking at Future Bass as a genre this pack will save you much time.

A great selection of samples here, my favourite of the future bass packs i've tried! The loops in particular are very well produced and sound clean and polished, as they should with this style of music! There is a lot on offer in this pack, and it doesn't strictly stick to future bass throughout, which is a good thing as the sounds can be used a variety of modern genres!


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