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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass

This is a pack that sounds quite different from most of the other dnb packs out there. Softer, darker and deeper. The pad sounds are the highlight of the pack for me. Very nice. The drums breaks are not outstanding to me but if you're looking for cinematic sounds with lots of depth and character, this pack is definitely worth checking.

Nice pack from Famous Audio. The one shot drum samples are my favourite part of this pack. Nice punchy samples and very usable. Lots of interesting loops too, there's something usable across so many genres of DnB here. Something a bit different to your usual drum and bass pack!

The catch line to this pack read's "If you're a fan of the dark, moody and adrenaline pumping sounds, you are going to love “Experimental DnB”. Well i am a fan and this pack is exactly what I'm looking for. The tempo of the pack ranges from 165/175 bpm and you have everything you need to write some thought provoking d&b. I personally liked the drum loop and ones shots especially the percussion.


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