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Genre: Jazz

Additional Styles: Instruments, Jazz, and Live Music

Really good pack. A range of stuff to use i.e pianos, saxs, drums etc. Really like the way that it has been recorded - doesn't sound too digital and crisp - especially the pianos. Nice! Would have maybe been nice to have some one shots in there but not the end of the world!

Really love this sample pack because it has so many great loops to choose from. Different time signatures and different tempos make it so interesting. The drum and piano samples are great. Thank you loopmasters for another great pack.

This sample pack from Loopmasters draws inspiration from traditional jazz albums that were...

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This does exactly what you'd expect. A varied collection of authentic sounding building blocks that you can piece togther from the ground up to make great sounding jazz grooves. Lots of variations on tempo, mood and instrumentation make it easy to get a vibe going in minutes. The drums sound great by themselves too.

If you are looking for authentic Jazz samples look no further. This is a really well put together pack. It consists of 19 folders, each containing the parts for a jazz track. Tempos range from 70 BPM right up to 160, so there really is something for everyone. The recording quality is top notch and the musicians sound like they are at the top of their game. This is perfect if you are looking to get that Jazz sound into your productions, whatever the genre.

When I heard this pack I loved it straight away and had to add it to my collection, if you have ever tried to get that original jazz sound from a record or hearing it on the radio and never had the opportunity to hire the great musicians of this golden era and timeless genre to provide the instrumentation or you would try to find the perfect sample, search know more this is perfect for capturing the this great art form. You get that pure sound like it was on vinyl saving you from digging into the creates and using it to craft something new in so many ways. It's like stepping back in time & being in Bird land & the original Blue Note Recordings, really well crafted and you will keep coming back for more, a real gem. Beautifully put together and thought out, and all the sounds are really well recorded from Pianos, Double Bass, and Live Drums. What is also great is you get the song kits which you can dive in and deconstuct and rebuild in anyway for your own productions.

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