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Genre: FX

Additional Styles: Cinematic, FX, Filmscore, and Horror

WOW: blown away by this collection which is massive both literally and figuratively. The mammoth size is matched by mammoth rewards as Eon is in a class of its own in terms of adding a whopping degree of masterful sound library firepower in one go. Not "just" ambiences but rather fully crafted multi-layered audio constructions categorized by target emotional responses. In addition to the deep cinematic themed files there are spacious vocals, instrument phrases and tools like drones, subs and stingers rich beyond words. This is an incredibly deep and heavyweight feat of a sample collection and in short a true stunner.

This thing is an Aladins cave of samples. It goes on and on. Over 20 gig of samples from foley to sound effects and soundscapes. Litterally everything is high quality and usable. I love the ambient Drone and tonal layers. It's going to take me a while to hear everything in this pack because of the sheer quantity. If you do music for film this is a must have, if you do anything experimental or ambient this pack is fantastic!

I'm not going to lie: with it being such a massive library, I've not actually made my way completely through all of it, but what I've heard so far is sublime! It's packed with loads of great textures, drones, raw field recordings & more and is a must for anyone in film, or that likes to set a scene, detail, or sense of movement in their productions. It's been a while since I've had something quite as usable as this, and earlier times they have lasted me for years. Definite buy on sight!


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