Very cool sounding pack! love the vibes freaky loops always comes with. Big sounding bass and bigger drums. The pack this time offers a great sounding selection of grooves, each is not what you may expect from general dnb packs, this one focuses on the slightly obscure side of dnb. To compliment that they've thrown a great selection of bass hits and general one shots to the highest quality. big up guys!

If you’re looking for well designed samples in order to produce the hardest and nastiest Drum&Bass, here’s a must-have. Including good inspiration kits, it can be also a good way for the newbies to start their first Neuro tracks. But this sample pack is not restricted to the dark side of D&B so that a lot of producers may find some unexpected sounds that will make their compositions sound thicker.

Freaky Loops are back on this one - I was interested in the pack due to the demo, It featured everything i was after. The pack over all sounds as u would expect from the design team at Freaky. Tight, Very modern sounding, and the loops are very usable. I found a few things I was not expecting some strange loops and Atoms sounds that were really off center. Not your typical DNB content but very interesting and usable to say the least.


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