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BPM: 120 - 170

We have been using this a an Ableton Pack for the past few weeks and there are some great sounds in hear if you are a fan of your bass and making dubstep, Drum and bass or Break beats. You can either use this with ready made riffs or what is better is to get inside the riffs and then you can have fun chopping them up and combining them with other riffs and changing the tempo's to create something completey fresh and new. Ed Solo is at the top of his game and this is a great Sample Pack that is very handy to have there sat in Ableton when making these kind of tracks.

those bass sounds are too fat to be true!!!!

Sizzling selection of booty tingling bass delights from the bass maestro himself. Have had the pleasure of knowing Mr Solo since the SOUR days and he is without doubt a master of the rumble. The sounds range from the classic to the contemporary and are nicely multi-sampled to allow continuous mod wobbles for all tempos and genres. Recommended.

Ed Solo is just a legend in any scene he takes his hand and ears too. Bass-lines were always his forte and to see a sample pack by Mr Ed Solo was great and id feel ashamed at my self if i didn't take time out to see what he had to offer.

If you know or heard of Ed Solo before now then by all means;... ''Bass Lab'' some thing that goes hand in hand with this producer.

You get the impression that Ed Solo he has literally gone in the lab for a month and just tore his synths and oscillators out and made a super nasty bass-line sample pack.

This back is filled with serious Bass Tones! It's geared directly for those hard deep sub lines. Great pack! Adding these to deep soulful house adds that special something to the track.

Ed Solo Presents Bass Lab Vol1 by Bass Boutique

Fine quality Bass! this neat box of treats not only comes with some fantastic Bassloops in Rex format but comes with some delightful testtones and loops in wav ideal for Ableton and Traktor DJs who want that little extra punch in their mix . 10 out of 10 for utter delightful quality rasping filthy bass!!


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