Now this is what sample packs are all about! One of the best drummers in the industry Tristan Banks supplying you with more Brazilian rhythms than you can shake a stick at! If you want to spice up your tracks with some Latin flavour then this is for you. There's a superb selection of drum tracks all broken down into their individual elements from Samba to Favela Funk.

Drums drums and more drums. This amazing collection gave me what I was looking for, a clean set of live drums with loads of room to tear into the samples. I love the that pack comes in various tempos, and features different styles to rework to create new grooves. There is nice set of full loops in case that's what you're after. I think this pack can cross into house, nu disco and techno if you use the pack wisely. If you seek some south american vibes this might be worth checking out.

No one would contest that the Brazilian music of the 20th century had a phenomenal impact on the Electronic scene, especially thanks to its innovative rhythms. And most seemingly this influence still lives nowadays. So sample packs featuring typical Brazilian drums and percs are always useful when it comes to add some finesse to your drums sections. And if you chose this new sample pack from Organic Loops, you won’t be disappointed! However, although it offers a wide range of drum loops, a few drum hits would have been relevant.


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