For me its all about the Midi parts in this pack, loads of really cool ideas thats clearly writiten by someone that knows their Sh*t some rocking little bass hooks in there, i am also really impressed with the Ableton pack it works like a dream.....

This package is truly Midi heaven for bass line ideas!
I am already using stuff from this pack in my current productions.
Also, the bass sounds in this package are top quality!
Highly recommend this one!

Writing these reviews gets harder and harder as the english language has limited words for excellence. Few adjectives for well produced. Only a handful of pronouns for how creative you can be with these sample and midi packs. But I'll try. This is great. Great for the classes I teach, great for my client work when I need to try and find a an example of what others are trying to create. These packs allow for quick idea gathering and continuity in session and classes. Can't thank you enough for giving me the chance to review. Thanks LM.


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