Some serious bass business with this sample pack! Large sounds and bigger beats, top to bottom the selection is rich and full of weight. Off the bat musically the sounds and sonic are impressive, whilst like mentioned above the bass is superb and offers loads of variety to fit most modern dnb productions. The drums, FX and musical parts are a fantastic addition which offer the gold dust one craves when finishing a top notch dnb track.

NERVE Tech DnB sure kicks some ass! Always a delight to review Freaky Loops wild sonic manifestations! And this package sure does slam out some megga sound! Utter insane mentalist bass perfect for them hardedge junglists! Drums snappy and lush! Also comes with some sublime atmospherics and rasping warped synths.

The Tech/Neuro sample packs are numerous these days and it’s now time for Freaky Loops to show us their skills in the darkest side of Drum & Bass. ‘Nerve: Tech DnB’ is a tiny pack but definitely well crafted. The basses are nasty, the drums gritty and the synths epic so basically anything you need for creating a Neuro banger! I just wish they will come back with a bigger sample pack soon...


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