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Genre: Dub

Additional Styles: Dub, Reggae, and Sound Archives


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 90 - 142

A great manifestation of modern dub! A modern Dub producer myself i find this is the kind of sample pack i have personally wanted to hear for a long time. The Drum loops are awsome and the bass loops super! love the piano loops and the dubstep wobbles are a dream. I think anyone who is into alternative dub music be it steppers, Sufi Dub, Transnational Dubstep or main stream Dubstep will find this producers package a delight. Twisted Dub 10 out of 10!

Once again an amazing pack full of awesome drums and musical loops

This will fit into any production genre as an excellent addition to you existing sample banks

You might have to be inventive with some of the loops to make them your own but that's half the fun IMO

Sample patches are fantastic and this is a great addition to my studio - if you're into the dubby sounds then you need this in your life

A really strong pack with great variation of sounds. The ambient noise and SFX are really really good and can be used in any genre that you want a dark feel for. This is definitely a pack with a long lifespan. Excellent release from Loopmasters

This a staple in the studio right now, the drum hits are refreshing and for drum and bass or dubstep this is essential. there is also a good selection of clav, key , organ and piano stabs, atmospheres, textures and fx. i didnt find the bass loops suited what i was looking for but the deep roots flava, key loops drums etc this is the one. i would also recommend the future clash pack.


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