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Genre: Trip Hop

Additional Styles: Downtempo, Hip Hop, and Trip Hop


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 69 - 145

Really wanted a follow up to this sound pack and was really pleased to see Vol 2. When you get the producer of this calibre on the production you know your going to get quality throughout. Always look forward to his sounds, and was not disappointed. A generous amount to choose from which is excellent. From instrument and drum hits for starting your ideas in this genre which you can experiment with the one shots. Moving through this pack you realise how extensive it is first folder is loaded with bass loops which are really well put together, instantly getting your creative juices flowing, sounds are so good and already setting the scene for your next composition. From Muted bass licks some giving you 2 choices of the same loop but with added scratch textures. You get synth bass choices some pulsating, some dark and evocative of the genre, perfectly captured. Drums loops are excellent, really great good to have the kicks and snares tracked out giving you real flexibility with the separate parts, also those parts broken down even further to give you individual one shots. Heavy vibes here.... crusty as you like and lots of choice. You get fx loops which is so useful setting the over all tone and atmospherics. The music loops are packed full of unique and stunning pallets of sounds that give you you instant building blocks for your arrangements. Really great attention to detail, ranging from synths stabs,, melodic guitars, tripped out arps, keys with dissonant overtones, and haunting vocal loops. Sampler files and Rex Files included breaking down sounds even further giving you the ability to hone your own sound and design giving your tracks true originality.

Fans of that smoked out, late 90s, horozontal approach to production will be fiending to spark up...

Full Review

Decent pack with plenty of scope to explore this tempo and extend the content well beyond the intended genre. That's what I love about packs like these. You aren't limited by just one style/tempo. Use you imagination and take things into which ever territory you wish. Class production as ever.


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