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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass



One Shots

BPM: 172 - 174

This pack is exactly what I was looking for. There are some amazing drum beats in here and a wide variety of vibes too, so there's something for everyone. Throw in some proper mental basslines and you got yourself a winner! Excellent work, cheers!

Some mega sounds in this pack! The bass is tough, phat and everything in between....exactly what we've come know from DABRO Music! What also gives this pack the edge is the drums are extremely tight and have a large display of style within its own area of dnb. The musical elements and fx's are on point which overall gives this a big thumbs up.

Dabro's adventuriously titled new pack gets right to the point with its 900MB of bass music... Full Review

Darbo Music back again with an oustanding Drum and Bass producers package well rammed and armed with the finest of DnB Junglist sound! Kick ass Drums and Kicks are heavy, perfect for slamming down a sound system! Basses are freaking sick! twisted warped metallic and sublime sub that will tear a hole in a few speakers lol Ideal for new commoners as well as established producers/ artists you can just reach in and pop out so many sounds that will give your Live sets and tracks that extra kick needed!

Another pack filled with quality sounds. It is incredible how much inspriration you get from just listening to the basslines. Once you thought "Ok, this bassline is sick", then wait for the next, because they are all stunning. Besides the basslines this package contains quality drums as well. You can´t go wrong with this samplepack. Get it and also check out Dabro Music´s other samplepacks. Highly recommented.

The production in this pack is superb! Amazing sounding drum loops and a wide range of kicks and snares that have managed to find their way into a few of my own productions. Some great Bass shots that you can loop up and really have fun with. Great work all around, highly recommend!


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