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Genre: Pop

Additional Styles: House, Vocals, and Pop

Fantastic collection of melodic and chilled vocals from the very uniquely voiced Avenax, some really very well written acapellas and full songs with a nice fresh flava to them. Dabro is fast becoming a go-to label in my Loopcloud browser, and this one sits amongst the other greats nicely! there really. is everything you need in here whether its backing beds or ad libs for padding out tracks or just smashing the whole acapellas with song sheets, midi files, stems the lot.. well worth the funds!

Even the most minimalist producer wouldn’t spit on vocal sample pack because it always humanizes a production and basically it can’t be synthesized by any computer (at least not for now!) And you can rely on this pack to bring some warmth straight to your speakers! Shamefully I haven’t heard about Avenax before but I don’t have any doubt that her ethereal voice influenced by Soul and Jazz will take you away.

This vocal sample collection offer a generous amount of melodic and sensual vocals, built around a dozen of songs with verses, chorus and backing vocal stems. There are also a lot of useful bonus content, adlibs one-shots and phrases. I really like this pack, which is for me a must-have if you are looking for such tone of voice!

Very nice vocal pack, as well as the lyrics and beautiful timbre of the voice. Useful for any kind of music, for a full song or just to add some harmonics into new projects. Def I recommend it if you're searching to add some vocals emotions in your production.


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