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Genre: Dub

Additional Styles: Vibes Series, Dub, and Dancehall


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 87 - 170

I've always been a fan of Ska from back in the day. This is a very cool set if you are looking for this very specific sound. Lots of choices and lots of inspiration. Everything is authentic, so you're getting the real deal. You get guitars, basses, drum loops and music loops. Also a folder of single instrument hits. This is style specific, so its most useful simply for the Ska sound. Also, might have to fine tune some of the loops as well to fit as everything sounds like it was recorded live and 'loose'. All in all, a nice job !

The brassy honk and bassy grooves of this vintage sounding pack will have 'em running to the...

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Loopmasters continues its excellent Vibes series with a pack that mixes early era ska and...

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Was very keen to do a review on this pack. As i heard the demo and had a classy approach to this genre defining music. When Ska is done right then if you know you know. A wealth of sounds to delve into. I really like the histrionics of these sounds as it has a sound of a bygone era, but very firmly in the future. The Horns are exceptional, so warm and a great addition to any production, Organ and Keys are so good and you can just use them as they are without too much manipulation. The Drums are really well recorded, and very detail for this era which is so important. A wealth of sounds from Hits, Sampler Instruments,this pack has everything you need and more. excellent

Well organized and well balanced body of skanking audio tools.  The samples are straightforward captures rather than being overproduced which means they're absolutely perfect for further production and arrangement.  The loops are nicely sized: not too long but long enough to get some genuine ska feel captured and the single hits are especially useful for crossing genres and tempos.  A unique and solid sample pack.


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