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Genre: Trap

Additional Styles: Trap and Vocals

A very interesting and original pack, with great quality catchy vocal loops & vocal chops. Remind me that new rap trend flagshipped by Lil Peep but especially some rock/punk bands I have been listening a lot years ago such as Blink 182, Sum41... Autotune is very well dosed and both dry and wet files are available. Great work, can't wait to use these in my productions!

LOVE this pack. The vocals are so on point and theres a nice array of different BPM's which is cool for writing different genres. The quality is very high and perfectly in key. I am very impressed with this pack as its exactly what it says it is and i have never come across something similar and of such a high standard,

Great vocals for using in your productions. Recordings sound great and mixed well and it fit perfectly for all kind of emotional music, from Rock to Trap and most of Electronic Music. Definitely a great tool for adding musical vibes in your compositions.

Cool set of EMO vocals for a variety of styles of music. Obviously works great with an EMO style but can work well with EDM, Pop, Alternative or Rock. The vocals have a somewhat "Blink-182" 90's vibe but still feels fresh. You get 13 set of phrases/ hooks. Also short bits and ad libs. Really cool harmonies- which is what gives it the specific EMO style. If you want something different to the usual stuff you might download or you are looking for something specific to an EMO style - this is a great set of vocals with excellent production.


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